God has a vision for St. Thomas Presbyterian Church – both as individuals and as a family of Christ. Long before we were born and before the first brick of this church was laid, God loved us, gifted us, and determined our purpose in this life.
St. Thomas Presbyterian Church is firmly united by the Gospel and founded on the Rock whom we know as Jesus Christ, the one and only son of God, our Father.  We claim, as children of faith, salvation and eternal life through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross -- His free gift through the forgiveness of our sins. 




14100 Memorial Drive

Houston, TX 77079

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Strategic Renovation Update

Starting October 2018, this two-year process will provide St. Thomas Presbyterian Church the purpose and responsibilities needed for future growth.


  • Design a structure for sustainable ministry at St. Thomas Presbyterian Church.

  • Develop implementation and resource plans and lead the process to secure session and congregational support for the new model of ministry at St. Thomas Presbyterian Church.


Overall Responsibilities  

  • To effectively deal with all pressure points in the church.

  • To assist in troubleshooting challenges related to the renovation, including support of the staff’s efforts to keep programming on-going throughout the renovation project.

  • To complete tasks related to the creation of long-term stability for the church (e.g. church directory, 18-month calendar, etc.).

  • To assist the staff in recruiting necessary volunteers for all programs.

  • To oversee the long-term initiatives for the church laid out in the assessment timeline and process.

  • To communicate regularly (monthly or however often is deemed necessary) with the staff and congregation about the renovation process and accomplishments during the next two years.

Composition of the team

  • A balance of session members and other ministry stakeholders who are non-anxious.

  • Four members in addition to the senior pastor and associate pastor.

  • Two-year term

Strategic Renovation Team's Document Updates



“Session meeting on May 13 will review the draft ‘Covenant for Creating a Healthy Climate.’  If approved, then it will be posted on the SRU shortly thereafter.  If there are minor comments, then these will be addressed and the file posted on the SRU.  If there are major comments, then this document will be delayed in posting until session approves revision.  

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