Class of 2021

Sheri DeGrace - Clerk of Session

Linda Doolittle - Congregational Care

David Dow - Outreach

Jill Ketring - Personnel

Class of 2022​

Kaitlyn Chaballa - Discipleship

John Funk - Property

Toni Noble - Fellowship

Bob Rossen - Stewardship & FInance

Class of 2023​

Missy Goodall - Discipleship

Judy Murphy - Worship

Donnie Rice - Personnel

Merilee Rustagi - Communications

2021 Committees


  • Moderators:  Kaitlyn Chaballa and Missy Goodall

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Adult Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Small Groups


  • Moderator:  Judy Murphy

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Worship Services, AV, and Visual Arts


  • Moderator:  David Dow

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Outreach, Evangelism, Scout Troop


  • Moderator:  Toni Noble

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Fellowship food, Special Meals

Congregational Care:

  • Moderator:  Linda Doolittle

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Food and Cards for sick or death, Phone Calls, Prayer


  • Moderator:  John Funk

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   All buildings and grounds

Stewardship and Finance:

  • Moderator:  Bob Rossen

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Finance, Money and Investment Management, Stewardship, Banking


  • Moderators:  Jill Ketring and Donnie Rice

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Staffing of all positions, Personnel Issues


  • Moderator:  Merilee Rustagi

  • Areas of Responsibilities:   Website, Weekly Word, Social Media

Clerk of Session

  • Sheri DeGrace