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Our Mission is to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our Vision is: Transformed by faith; transforming through service


Transformed by faith; transforming through service
God has a vision for St. Thomas Presbyterian Church – both as individuals and as a family of Christ. Long before we were born and before the first brick of this church was laid, God loved us, gifted us, and determined our purpose in this life.
St. Thomas Presbyterian Church is firmly united by the Gospel and founded on the Rock whom we know as Jesus Christ, the one and only son of God, our Father.  We claim, as children of faith, salvation and eternal life through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross -- His free gift through the forgiveness of our sins.  
In gratitude for this great gift, we are a congregation that has an outward servant focus based on a solid inward foundation. 


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Welcome to St. Thomas Presbyterian Church! We are a community of seekers and believers looking to grow as disciples of Christ and share His love with others. Although we share beliefs, our interpretations may vary. We have questions and that’s okay! So did the disciple Thomas, whom our church is named after. He doubted and yet became a missionary for Christ.  

Come join us as we joyfully celebrate our faith in Christ and seek answers for some of life’s most challenging questions. Be welcomed with hospitality and share opportunities to learn and discuss in a variety of classes, services, and activities. We encourage you to be part of our journey as we are “transformed by faith; transforming through service.”

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Worship service: 

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We gather weekly in a relaxed environment designed to incorporate all ages and our varied background.  We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month as well as at other times throughout the year.

We love to celebrate at St. Thomas!  We celebrate :
- Back-to-school by blessing children and youth with their back packs;
- The pets in our families and community during an annual  “blessing of the animals” service;

- Our middle and high school youth in May each year when they lead the service including writing the liturgy and sermon;

- Boy Scout Troop 1089, chartered by St. Thomas, on Scout Sunday;

- Our holy days and seasons, our veterans, and the lives of our members, friends, and families that have finished their journey here on earth and are rejoicing with our heavenly Father.

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